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Fightful brings you the best in MMA, Pro Wrestling and Boxing, featuring Sean Ross Sapp. Our shows feature industry professionals covering all things in the ring.  

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Nov 29, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Jimmy Van bring you the most entertaining non-political, non-religious wrestling podcast on the planet! Topics include:
- Cody Rhodes' plans
- Elias
- Impact
- AroLucha
- Sexy Star shooting again?
- Batista
- Breaking records
- Jack Swagger appears
- Kenny Dykstra appears
- Stupid people of the week

Nov 29, 2017

The Fightful Panel is here to cover Smackdown Live as we inch closer to WWE Clash of Champions in weeks! Topics include
- Styles vs. Mahal feud
- Clash of Champions
- Ruby Riott with an extra T
- A couple of big turns!
- Owens vs. Randy Orton
- An SRS Run in!

Nov 29, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Showdown Joe are here to cover and preview your crazy MMA weekend
Topics include
- UFC 218 preview
- Holloway vs. Aldo II
- Ngannou vs. Overeem
- TUF 26 Finals!
- Bellator 189
- Frank Trigg appears!

Nov 28, 2017's Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski are here to talk November 27th's Monday Night Raw! Topics include
- Raw!
- How they'll bridge the gap until Rumble
- Paige's team gets a name
- No Ambrose or Sheamus
- Cruiserweight Title Picture
- IC Title match
- Is Jason Jordan Tito Ortiz?
- Kane, Finn Balor, Jordan,...

Nov 25, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Showdown Joe carry you through the biggest fights on the early morning UFC Shanghai card!