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Jul 30, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp is back from Toronto and joins Showdown Joe to break down the huge UFC 214 show!

Topics include:
- Jones vs. DC 2!
- Is Jones the greatest ever after Saturday night?
- DC's future
- Cyborg
- Woodley vs. Maia
- Who is next in line at light heavyweight?
- Lawler vs. Cerrone!

Jul 26, 2017

The List And Ya Boy is LIIIIVE from Toronto!

Jul 26, 2017

With Sean Ross Sapp headed to Canada, Alex Pawlowski, Jeff Hawkins and Anna Bauert talk this week's episode of Smackdown Live!

Topics Include:

* Huge Triple Threat US Title Match
* Cena vs Nakamura Next Week
* New Day Gets Beat Down

Jul 26, 2017

Showdown Joe and Sean Ross Sapp are here to talk all the MMA news in the world.

Topics include

- UFC 214 preview
- Jones vs. DC
- Cyborg's toughest challenge?
- The style battle of Woodley vs. Maia
- Cerrone vs. Lawler
- UFC Long Island
- Brock Lesnar - WWE
- Khabib's delay.

Jul 25, 2017

Your post-Raw show from editors Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski!

Topics include
- Jason Jordan too timid?
- Summerslam matches set.
- Heel vs. Heel!
- AJ/KO botch?
- Davey Richards gone from GFW
- Raw!

Jul 24, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski are here to cover the WWE Battleground show for! Topics include:

- Punjabi Prison
- Number one Women's Title contender
- Owens vs. Styles 
- RIP Daryl
- More!

Jul 23, 2017 Managing Editor Sean Ross Sapp flies solo to cover the UFC show in Long Island featuring Chris Weidman vs. Kelvin Gastelum!

Topics include

- Weidman vs. Gastelum

- Where will Gastelum fight next?

- Who will Weidman fight next?

- Jones vs. DC

- New Rules coming into play

- A guy getting paid for the first time.

Jul 20, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Jimmy Van are back, and have a ton to talk about -- and will be joined by Vince Russo and Alex Riley! 

Topics include

- Brock Lesnar UFC rumors
- Kurt Angle's "son"
- Kevin Owens nudes!?
- WWE leaks
- Talking Smack canceled
- Vince Russo on HEEL SRS and today's promos
- Alex Riley talks GLOW

Jul 19, 2017

It's the last Smackdown Live before this Sunday's WWE Battleground, and editor Sean Ross Sapp and award-winning podcast co-host Jeff Hawkins cover the action and talk TALKING SMACK.

Topics include

- Smcakdown Live

- Who is messing with Breezango

- Talking Smack and backstage news

- Battleground predictions

- Where does Gable go from here?

- Jason Jordan/ Kurt Angle

Jul 19, 2017

Showdown Joe and Sean Ross Sapp are here, and they have lots to cover.
Topics include

- Mayweather/McGregor press tour
- Showdown Joe was at Toronto's leg and talks the experience
- UFC Glasgow
- Eye pokes!
- Elias Theodorou joins us!
- UFC Long Island preview!

Jul 18, 2017

After months of speculation, we finally found out Kurt Angle's secret. All that, and more from editors Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski! Topics include

- Kurt Angle's secret
- No More purple ropes!
- Hardyz/GFW gimmick problems
- Summerslam
- WWE leaks
- Talking Smack canceled

Jul 12, 2017's Jimmy Van and Sean Ross Sapp cap off a crazy business week, only to start a new one!

Topics include:

- Jeff Jarrett presser
- Del Rio and Paige
- Great Balls of Fire
- Ambulance crashes
- Best of the BRO!
- DDP joins us to talk Vader!

Jul 12, 2017

Jeff Jarrett talked to media this week about the future of GFW.

Topics include

- GFW Titles

- Relationship with Spike

- Video games, action figures

- The Hardy Boyz

- Alberto El Patron

- Pulse tragedy and tribute

- GFW tours

- AAA relationship

Jul 12, 2017

Fightful Smackdown Podcast with Sean Ross Sapp, Anna Bauert and Jeff Hawkins. Topics include

- AJ Styles as champion
- US Title open challenge
- Jinder Mahal in action
- John Cena and Rusev
- More!

Jul 12, 2017

Showdown Joe and Sean Ross Sapp are here right after the Mayweather/McGregor presser to talk all the fun, and preview UFC Glasgow! Topics include

- Mayweather vs. McGregor presser
- Ariel Helwani forced out by UFC
- Amanda Nunes sinusitis
- UFC Glasgow preview. 
- Gegard Mousasi signs with Bellator.

Jul 11, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski bring you reactions, analysis and predictions from the post-Great Balls of Fire edition of WWE Raw!

Topics include

- Brock, Joe, Reigns

- Angle's Secret

- Women's division future.

- Cruiserweights

- Who is next in the tag title hunt?

- Paige and Del Rio

Jul 10, 2017

Great Balls of Fire had an incredible lineup on paper, but did it deliver? Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski bring you the top live show review in wrestling! Topics include!

- Lesnar vs. Joe

- Backstage news on Lesnar's mood!

- Roman Reigns kills Strowman

- AJ Styles wins U.S. Title

- Austin Aries released.

- Great Balls of fire!

- Blood in WWE! 

Jul 9, 2017

UFC 213 is in the books, as is international fight week, and Showdown Joe Ferraro and Sean Ross Sapp are here to talk the show including.

- Amanda Nunes pulling out of the fight
- Yoel Romero vs. Robert Whittaker
- Did UFC 213 decide the real best middleweight?
- Overeem vs. Werdum
- Showtime Pettis in action.
- Elias Theodorou's loss.
- Gaethje vs. Johnson!
​​​​​​​- Jesse Taylor becomes TUF winner!

- Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko
- Yoel Romero vs. Robert Whittaker
- Did UFC 213 decide the real best middleweight?
- Overeem vs. Werdum
- Showtime Pettis in action.
- Travis Browne returns to the cage.

Jul 5, 2017 turns 1 year old, and founder Jimmy Van and managing editor Sean Ross Sapp are here to talk pant splitting, and to bring you guests Deonna Purrazzo and Vince Russo!

Topics include!

- Pant splitting.

- Vince Russo talks Paul Heyman/TNA negotiations.

- Deonna Purazzo appears

- GFW/Impact

- Smackdown rap battle

- Fightful's birthday, goals and such. 

- Journalists not doing their homework!

- Kevin Owens dreaming and achieving.

Jul 5, 2017

John Cena is back, and the Fightful Panel doesn't take nights off. We've forgone the fireworks to bring you a Smackdown Live review!

Topics include-

- John Cena returns!

- Rusev returns!

- A top contender crowned.

- Usos burn Xavier Woods

- Tenee Young!

Jul 4, 2017

It's International Fight Week, and Sean Ross Sapp and Showdown Joe are here to talk UFC 213 and the TUF Finale. They'll also be joined by Firas Zahabi!

Topics include:
- UFC 213 preview
- Is the interim title match determining the best middleweight?
- Will 5 rounds make the difference in the main event?
- Can Anthony Pettis return to form?
- TUF Finale Preview
- Firas Zahabi talks GSP, wanting to fight McGregor
- Stephan Bonnar in pro wrestling

Jul 4, 2017

Six days ahead of the WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV, Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski bring you predictions for the show, and a Monday Night Raw review!

Topics include

- Braun's insane moonsault reversal.

- Enzo's great promo.

- Good cruiserweight action.

- When will Bray Wyatt be interesting?

- Where is Bayley going?

- Heels all being cowards.

- Great Balls of Fire predictions

Jul 3, 2017

After a big weekend in non-WWE wrestling, Sean Ross Sapp wraps up the weekend's coverage!

- G1 Special

- Slammiversary

- Kenny Omega's weekend

- Jim Ross' rough work.

- Cody Rhodes rises to the occasion.

- NJPW returning to the U.S.

- Impact's rough evening.

- A MUST WATCH Slammiversary match.