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Now displaying: August, 2017
Aug 30, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Jimmy Van are coming at you with an action packed edition of the List and Ya Boy! JV live from Kentucky?!?  Topics include: - Reigns/Cena promo - The Fightful-Cena wiener connection - Sexy Star - Cutting to the Chase with DDP! - The Bro Spot with Matt Riddle! - Conor McGregor

Aug 30, 2017

There's no SD Live PPV for over a month, but Sean Ross Sapp, Anna Bauert and Jeff Hawkins aren't short on topics to talk about this week! Topics include:

- Smackdown Live
- Samoa Joe, Xavier Woods injured
- Mae Young Classic
- Rosemary/Sexy Star

Aug 29, 2017

Showdown Joe and Sean Ross Sapp are right back to talk the combat sports landscape post-Mayweather vs. McGregor. Topics include!

- Mayweather vs. McGregor
- Nate Diaz and Brendan Schaub get into it
- Firas Zahabi appears
- Derrick Lewis saves lives
- UFC Rotterdam
- GDR and her hand of glass.
- Jon Jones
- Miocic didn't know about Jones plans

Aug 29, 2017

We're living in a post-Mayweather/McGregor world, and Sean Ross Sapp survived it to cover WWE Raw with Alex Pawlowski! Topics include

- WWE Raw!
- Battle Royal
- Brock Lesnar
- Cena/Reigns SHOOTIN'
- Women's title match
- Asuka vacates NXT Title
- Mae Young Classic
- Xavier Woods injury

Aug 27, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp, Showdown Joe Ferraro and Carlos Toro bring you all angles of Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather. Topics include:

- Mayweather vs. McGregor
- Delayed start time?
- McGregor success
- Was Mayweather clowning
- Did McGregor gain/lose/retain credibility
- Paulie Malignaggi
- Hypothetical MMA fight
- Floyd Mayweather's gameplan
- Badou Jack
- Gervonta Davis

Aug 23, 2017

In the middle of one of the craziest weeks in combat sports and wrestling history, Jimmy Van and Sean Ross Sapp are here to bring you all the latest. Topics include:
- Summerslam weekend
- Bobby Roode debuts
- Mayweather/McGregor week!
- Jon Jones fails drug test
- Vince Russo appears
- We hear from Matt Riddle!

Aug 23, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp, Anna Bauert and Jeff Hawkins wrap up night four of WWE's Barclays marathon! Topics include:

- Smackdown Live
- Jon Jones fails a drug test
- Is Jinder hindering?
- Bobby Roode
- Shelton Benjamin
- First SD Live post-Cena
- Beachballs

Aug 23, 2017

Fight week is here, and Sean Ross Sapp and Showdown Joe are going in-depth to break down the battle of the century. Topics include!

- Mayweather vs. McGregor breakdown
- McGregor's best chance
- Bellator 182
- Fightful's Exclusive on Koreshkov - Askren trash talk
- Elias Theodorou appears
- Shorty Torres appears
- Weidman at 205?
- GSP looking to finish
- Cyborg won't fight Nunes
- Nate Diaz defends McGregor

Aug 22, 2017

WWE Summerslam is in the books, and now editors Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski bring you WWE Raw coverage! Topics include!

- WWE Raw
- Heat on Enzo, Corbin
- Asuka, Cass inuries
- Wrestlers not happy with WWE pre-show
- Cruiserweight Title Situtation
- Super Jokey Cena
- Reigns vs. Cena
- Beach Balls
- More!

Aug 21, 2017

WWE Summerslam 2017 is in the books, and Sean Ross Sapp, Alex Pawlowski and Anna Bauert are here to cover the event: Topics include:

- Jinder Mahal vs. Nakamura
- Lesnar, Strowman, Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns
- Title changes galore
- An awesome tag title match
- Baron Corbin in the dog house!
- Much more!

Aug 20, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp, Alex Pawlowski, Jeff Hawkins and Anna Bauert bring you coverage of NXT's second-biggest show of the year. Topics include:

- Can Summerslam outdo NXT?
- NXT's reloaded roster.
- Gargano vs. Almas
- Redragon reform!
- Adam Cole debut!
- Are any callups coming?
- NXT title picture.
- Best match of the night

Aug 16, 2017

Last night saw an extremely polarizing move by WWE, and Fightful Founder Jimmy Van and Sean Ross Sapp are here to talk about it! Topics include!

- Ric Flair's health
- Baron Corbin's Cash in
- WWE Summerslam weekend
- Vince Russo appears!
- Andre the Giant story.
- GFW News
- DDP guest stars! 
- Wrestling journalism

Aug 16, 2017

A few days before Summerslam, Sean Ross Sapp, Anna Bauert and Jeff Hawkins are here to cover the show and look at the weekend ahead! Topics include:

- Smackdown Live
- Cena vs. Jinder Mahal​​​​​​​
- Money In The Bank Cash In!!!
- Summerslam Predictions
- NXT Takeover Brooklyn Predictions
- Ric Flair!

Aug 15, 2017

It's an off week in MMA, but there's plenty to talk about! Showdown Joe and Sean Ross Sapp bring you the latest! Topics include:

- Paulie vs. Conor sparring footage.
- Knockdown or push?
- Matt Hughes' improvement
- Frank Trigg talks Conor vs. Mayweather and Paulie.
- Bellator 
- Tito Ortiz comeback?
- DC, Jones speak out.
- GSP to defend title?
- Rashad Evans' future

Aug 15, 2017

We're six days away from WWE Summerslam 2017, and Editors Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski talk Raw and the big weekend ahead! Topics include:

- Will Bayley's injury change plans?
- WWE Raw
- Summerslam Predictions
- NXT Takeover Predictions
- Ric Flair 
- Bob Holly burns Billy Gunn

Aug 14, 2017's Sean Ross Sapp is here to talk the Okada vs. Omega III match, the G1 Finals, the directions for all involved, and to answer YOUR questions!

Aug 11, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Showdown Joe don't have an event to preview, but aren't short on things to talk about! Topics include:

- McGregor/Paulie Beef
- Ronda Rousey and wrestling
- TUF 26 cast breakdown
- Bob Sapp throwing fights
- Is Jon Jones genuine?
- Randa Markos wants an appeal
- Flyweight women's fights are coming.
- UFC's long layoff.

Aug 9, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Jimmy Van are bringing you the List and Ya Boy, and back producing (by popular demand) is NIGEL! Topics include:

- Ronda Rousey's Wrestling report by SRS
- The List
- Stupid People of the Week
- Alex Riley appears
- Matt Riddle appears

Aug 9, 2017

We're getting closer to WWE Summerslam, and Sean Ross Sapp, Jeff Hawkins and Anna Bauert are bringing you all the hee hawing about Smackdown Live!

Topics include
- John Cena Summerslam Match Set
- Jinder vs. Orton
- Charlotte gets pantsed
- Sienna and Charlotte

Aug 8, 2017 editors Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski are here to cover Monday Night Raw, just under two weeks away from Summerslam! Topics include:

- Last Man Standing!
- Has Braun vs. Roman been overdone?
- Bayley injury
- Changes to WWE's plans
- Enzo Amore's heat
- Dawson injury
- Much more!

Aug 6, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Showdown Joe Ferraro are here to give you the best -- and maybe the only -- live UFC Mexico City post show! Topics include:

- Who is next for Mighty Mouse?
- Pettis vs. Moreno
- Markos vs. Grasso
- Mismatches aplenty.
- TUF 26 Cast
- Big Light Heavyweight fight booked
- The state of this UFC card.

Aug 2, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp is home in Kentucky after a trip to Toronto, and he and Jimmy Van will recap the trip! Topics include:

- Toronto recap
- Bring it to the Table's Stupid Nicknames
- WWE News
- Braun Strowman/Karen Jarrett Story

Aug 2, 2017

SRS, Anna Bauert and Jeff Hawkins are talking a MAJOR episode of WWE Smackdown Live! Topics include:

- John Cena vs. Nakamura!
- AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens
- United States Championship

Aug 2, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp and Showdown Joe are in the house to talk all of the news in the MMA world. Topics include

- UFC 214 fallout
- Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones
- Tyron Woodley wants an apology
- UFC Mexico City preview
- Sean Pierson appears

Aug 1, 2017

Sean Ross Sapp is back from Toronto, and is joined by Fightful editor Alex Pawlowski to talk about tonight's WWE Raw. Topics include:

- Brock Lesnar in the house!
- Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns
- Big Cass vs. Big Show.
- The road to Summerslam